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Astrology Charts Astrology is like a tide chart for the flow of energies that can provide you smooth sailing, or make you row against the flow till you're exhausted.

Being conscious of what you are up against, can help you to overcome a bad forecast. Your chart can be an obstacle course or a sled ride, but never a fate cast in stone.

State of the Art software is used to plot the positions of celestial bodies at the time of your birth, and/or any other given time, in the future or the past.

Astrological Natal Birth Chart
- (Blueprint for your Life)

Sun Sign Chart Your "Sun Sign" and natal zodiac chart play an important part in the "make up" of you - your basic personality.

This is the imprint the universe stamps you with the moment you leave your mother's energy field and draw your first breath in the outside world.

Unlike newspaper horoscopes, I plot the exact configuration of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth, and how they applied to the exact latitude and longitude of the place that welcomed you to this physical realm! Find out why you are a unique soul, and not an exact copy of everybody born in the same month.

We will need exact time of birth, from your birth certificate, and the place where you were born - in addition to your birthday. Includes colorful chart, interpretation guide, full "interp" report and helpful tips guide. All in PDF format.

A natal chart is the point of embarkation to insights about what's happening now, and a starting point for future predictions.

Natal Birth Chart - $65.00

Secondary / Progressed Charts

Progressed Sun SignThe progressed Sun moves about one degree per year. So, if you were born on the very first day of a sign, your Sun sign will progress to the next sign in your first 30 years.

If you were born two days before a change of sign, you will move ahead in only two years. After that, about every 30 years you move to the next sign.

Your natal imprint is the primal influence applying throughout your life. But as you grow and mature your journey has added both color and decoration to you - like ornaments on a once barren Christmas tree. This is the progressed you, a product of of natal energy, the miles you have traveled and what the cosmos sends you now.

Secondary Progressed Charts can often answer why you are, or have been, undergoing feelings of change and confusion. We have already done a natal chart for you, all we need is your new location - where you presently live. Includes colorful chart, interpretation guide, full "interp" report and helpful tips guide. All in PDF format.

Most people get progressed charts to know their progressed sun sign, and make sense of why things are now happening as they do.

But a chart can also be cast for future dates to help you deal with a significant, upcoming event.

Secondary Progressed Chart - $65.00

Synastry Charts
The Astrology of Relationships

"Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
Astrologically, opposites do attract!
"Opposites" - meaning male / female, or positive / negative polarity - like in magnets. In astrology, as in most world languages, everything has a polarity or gender. People are an amalgam of male and female energies - and everyone is different.

Why do some women seem to act too pushy and aggressive? Isn't that a negative quality associated with stereotype "male" behavior? And why are some men timid and compliant? Isn't that a stereotype "female" trait?

People are not mass produced.
Each one is totally unique!

Just because you are a male / female couple doesn't mean your native energies are polar opposites! Even same sex couples usually form with one "pitcher" and one "catcher"! Two "catchers" is chaos - two "pitchers" is mortal combat.

If a core set of energies is at odds, you are in for a difficult time. People can also be sexually aflame, but other core issues can cause difficulty when not momentarily blinded by passion.

The good news is you and your partner have free will to choose whether or not you want to put the effort into working through the challenges the universe has presented to you as a couple.

A synastry chart can lay it all out for you with a detailed description of your personality traits that are uniquely yours and your partners, friends, family members, etc.- whomever you're choosing to examine in whatever relationship- right there in black and white for you to see. If you've never experienced this, you will be amazed!

The only way to really know is with a synastry chart

It will unravel all the hidden variables. You may have to learn to accept the thorns to get the rose, or you may have to accept that it's time to cut your losses and move on. If everything was rosy, you likely wouldn't be reading this! It is always better to know than to be in the dark.
Idealistically, opposites of course repel.
People are usually initially attracted by physical appearance and auras, -- then drawn in closer by commonality - OR - driven off by lack of it. Total idealistic opposites have no chance.

What synastry helps the most with, are idealistically compatible relationships with "intangible" conflicts.
Typical issues for synastry charts -
  • Significant romantic relationships that have progressed past the first flush of passion and are experiencing emerging incompatibilities they can't understand
  • Hot new romantic relationships that have you feeling apprehensive about what lies ahead
  • Difficult professional or family relationships that are causing stress and hardship at the workplace or at home
Includes colorful chart, interpretation guide, full "interp" report and helpful interpretation 'tips' guide. All in PDF format.

Synastry Chart - $125.00
Process involves, first casting two separate natal charts, then casting two separate progressed charts and then the combined synastry analysis of the two parties.

This process leaves you with two sets of natal and progressed charts from which future transits, from either party, can be cast.

If a future synastry chart of the same two people is desired, the cost is only $65, because all the other component charts have been previously cast.

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