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 Most people interested in holistic healing are familiar with the term “chakra.” Ancient Hindu cultures have been familiar with chakras for thousands of years.

The actual definition of “ chakra “ means “ wheel “ in Sanskrit ( the ancient language of India ). Chakras are circular spinning vortexes of energy that interpenetrate the physical body. As these vortexes rotate, they form a vacuum effect, and can draw in anything they encounter through the vibration.

We have seven main chakras. These areas are connected to our “ being “ on a variety of levels that include spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental. Each chakra is also connected to the physical body area which affects that organ or gland. This is possible due to the fact that the area connected to the chakra resonates on the same frequency.

All of the main chakra centers are aligned with the column of the spine. The chakra’s vitality level is detectable to a trained specialist. If there are disturbances on any level of the system it can affect the neighboring chakra and other body parts closely connected.

Perhaps the center is over or under active or possibly blocked. This causes headaches, intestinal issues, back pain, depression, mood swings, etc. In order to return the balance when a disturbance exists, it is necessary to learn how to bring the chakra’s vibration back to resonate at the same frequency.

It is important to understand the connection between your consciousness ( or state of your being ) and your chakras. All of your perceptions can be divided into seven categories. Each of these categories are connected to a particular chakra. This stands as representation that not only do the chakras represent an area of your body, but also particular parts of your consciousness. Take for example: You experience an extremely stressful situation. You find yourself dealing with a tension headache.

The stress has been manifested with the part of your consciousness experiencing the stress, as well as the physical body associated with that particular chakra. Where you feel the stress depends on why you feel the stress. The physical pain you experience actually represents through your body what you had been doing to yourself with your own consciousness.

If this can be acknowledged, you can change your thought processes, release the stress and thought pattern that created the symptom in the first place, and you can return to your natural state of balance and well being.

Christine Lynn+

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