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Client Reviews - Psychic Readings

Hear what people are saying about psychic readings by Christine Lynn!

"Thank you for the email reading. You truly are the best and I appreciate everything. You're so dead on it's scary lol."

"Thank you for a fantastic reading and great conversation. Your a blessing from God Almighty and his wonderful son Christ Jesus. It was a pleasure meeting you. I look forward to staying in touch. May the Lord bless you abundantly strengthen you and keep his arms around you..oxoxoxox"

"Thank you so much Christine. your readings are amazing."

"You are amazing!!!! You totally picked up that the shop would have something shady; which I totally didn't expect because I've trusted him the last 2 times I brought my bike there for service. Anywho....I'm sure you out there saving the world!!!! Thank you for all that you do for us. :)"

Aloha, Katherine
"Your reading was extremely helpful, your energy is very true and honest. In my first reading with you, you saw "me" as I never would have thought of me...and you told me what you saw, not what I wanted to hear. I have been in contact with many people who promised the world... and thousands of dollars were spent believing them. You are the one person that has obtained and kept my attention over the years because of your "sweet and honest spirit"

"Hi Christine,

I am at a loss for words after taking the time to go through my reading. It was almost as if you were one of my guardian angel's who has been over-looking my life. You were very detailed and descriptive which helped a lot. Things that you picked up on, I knew right away what it correlated to. I've never had a reading as accurate and compassionate as the one you gave me. It was by far the best. I am glad that I have it as a visual in words for me to refer back to if ever needed. You helped me gain a higher level of understanding in many aspects. As I continue to grow, heal, and learn, I will keep in mind the things that you've shared with me as well as read it when necessary. You are truly amazing, I needed this, and I appreciate it greatly."

Sincerely, Zhané
"I had an e-mail reading with Christine and wow, did I feel like the information was coming directly from an angel! She is very kind, warm, and takes the time to really explain things well. She provided me with a lot of information, and with the time that I know she spent doing my reading, I could feel that she gave so much of herself, and I am grateful for that.

I could tell that she really took her time and didn't rush through the reading, and I so much appreciate that. I could not believe how much of a direct connection she had to me. She helped me understand things about myself that I would never have been able to understand on my own. Since my reading, I have felt the deepest kind of understanding and peace. I feel completely grounded and energized like never before. I am so grateful to have found this amazing soul and I can not wait to work with her again!

Signed, TAB
"What a beautiful soul she is. My first reading with her and it was absolutely amazing. She picked up on information right away as soon as the reading began that was important to the current situation. She gave me a lot of clarity and terrific future insight."

Extremely Satisfied!

"Always beautiful. Always wonderful to talk to. Been talking to her going on a couple of years after stumbling over her here. Love, love, love her."
Hello Christine,

"To tell you the truth, I can't wait to meet you!  Your reading was quite amazing and right on."

"Christine Lynn’s psychic readings are amazing!! She is quick and accurate about my current situation. I appreciate her very much and felt a really strong connection. I felt like I could have spoken to her for a very long time. Thank you!"

M. T.
"She is a very caring advisor. I enjoyed the call and can’t wait to see the predictions unfold.”

J .S.
"Omg. I loved my psychic reading. You are so fast and to the point. She does not waste your time or money, plus she has a great personality. Love you, girl!”

"after my psychic reading. I asked her to focus on a situation and she gave me many, man I am overwhelmed, & details on the situation that were eerily true.

She was right about every situation we discussed. She is honest which is something I respect in a psychic and relays the information in a caring manner. I highly recommend talking with her."

"She will give you a lot of information in a short period of time. I’ve been talking to her for over a year. Being a repeat client should say it all."

"You are scary accurate!  It is outstanding how you just start talking and no questions from me. GOD bless you and thank you for all your support."

B. T.
"What a great reading. She picked up on my situation right away and in great detail. Thank you so much!  I appreciate your additional guidance."

"The minutes just flew by, Christine.  I will always be grateful to you! God bless you. I have known you forever… and you just can read me with such a precious gift given to you with such amazing accuracy. I feel blessed to have found you. Hugs and kisses."

"Christine, you genuinely care. She can really pick up on your emotions. Thank you!"

"All I can say is WOW. She was accurate on many details without any birthdates. I will definitely be calling again!"

"Thank you, Christine. That was a wonderful psychic reading. You picked up on things that others never did. I will stay in touch!"

"I am utterly speechless.  Things just came pouring out in detail. Certain things have already been confirmed to a T.  Thank you."

"Christine Lynn is the real deal. She has integrity, is very, very honest and truthful. Truly God gifted."

"Christine, unbelievable again…I’m  amazed at our conversations. Tonight certain predictions come to pass again. You are here and given a purpose in life. it is just this of what you do for me and  many others. better guide us, give us the truth of insight, made a prediction that is being fed to you… and without a doubt most accurate every time. 99%~  I was in shock as to what you brought to my attention! Thanks, Christine!"

"She explained in a very short amount of time and kept giving me details that didn’t fit.  I didn’t believe her point. She never changed her predictions, even when I told her it was impossible. She said something months ago. It happened."

"You make me cry . This is because I wish I could hug you… to be able to say God bless you. You Are AMAZING, HONEST, ACCURATE...to a tee, no false hopes and sugar coating. you are a straight shooter.

"I love you and feel like I know you so so close as a family or friend member. Thank you for putting up with me. Your God given abilities and your purpose on this earth is obvious in what you do. God bless. Thank you."

"Christine, I love you.  Thank you for always being there. I know you have your own life to deal with but helped me a lot today. You have a very beautiful soul. There is a phrase in German that translates to: You are a very strong person if you can laugh under tears. You just know how to do that."Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

This wonderful woman is going through her own issues but still is so loyal to her clients. I’d be a crumpled mess but she is such an angel. Her details are spooky accurate. She’s incredible and taps in immediately. Thank you Christine. Take care!

"So incredibly gifted… amazing. I love you Christine. She connects with me so intensely, the energy is so strong every time I speak with her. I will always keep coming back.. you are the best! She is patient with me and my situation for so many months. Her insights do come to pass."

"Christine Lynn is a real treasure. Thank you."

"What a fantastic psychic reader. She is well worth the wait for an appointment."

D. G.
"Christine Lynn is such a nice lady and her psychic readings are very accurate. She really lifts up  your spirit. Thank you so much for such an excellent reading and for being honest with me."

T. B.
"Not only is Christine Lynn an amazing psychic, she also gives common sense advice. She is honest and has integrity. She doesn’t tell me what I want to hear but she speaks the truth."

D. S.
"You and my heart, rock and soul. I am amazed at the immediate energy that you picked up on the man I called you about. You almost scared me! She is great. She also hasn’t wavered in her past predictions. She also questions past predictions that didn’t come out and was honest about it.  You continue to amaze me!"

"What an advisor and lady! She is sweet and always kind in whatever she needs to relay. She is so very honest. Thank you for being here!"

"I am glad we finally spoke. She is funny with a great sense of humor. If you want an accurate, honest and no beating around the bush reading, she is the one."

"What an advisor. She gets just as excited about our triumphs as we do! Thanks for the reading and mostly for your sincere caring."

"There is only one word for a psychic reading with Christine. She is caring and interested in helping  find the answers you need to know and she’s insightful. Thank you for your support."

"AMAZING! She gave me the exact name of my daughter!  I was floored when she said it. She is a definite keeper."

"She is truly of God and truly amazing. This is the only reader who actually showed me certain things in the reading that proved that I will keep her at the top of my list. I trust her completely."

"She is definitely a real psychic. What she saw was exactly correct about how it is."

"She listens and cares. She is a great reader and is so very kind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"B.C.

"I have spoken with Christine on a few occasions. She is very uplifting. Thank you for all of the kindness you share!"

"I wish I could really meet Christine. She is so wonderful and a true genuine psychic! She read me like a book! So true and accurate. God Bless you so much, Christine. You gave me a smile today and something to believe in. I love you!"

"She is a great lady and friend. Anyone who wants answers and compassion should call her. She is the best. Thank you so much…"

"Christine, you are my ray of sunshine on even the cloudiest of days. She brings sunshine to me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading and your sincerity and insightfulness. It means so much so have someone that you know knows what’s going on. AND cares enough to be honest about it."

"She is an extremely sincere and caring reader. I really appreciated the reading and listening through the hurt and pain.It’s nice to talk to someone that listens and takes the time to want to listen as well as talk. Thank you."

"Truly Amazing!!!! She knew things about him that only I knew. She is spectacular. She gave me gave me as much information as she could. She is the real deal."

"She is very easy to speak to and has an incredible gift!"

"Thank you, Christine. You are an amazing reader. She picked up where we left off"

"Christine, you nailed my situation. You are very good and smart"

"She knocked me off of my feet and most of the  psychic reading was spent with my mouth hung open because of how accurate she was. This woman is amazing and hysterical!"


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