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 How often should I receive a psychic reading?

How often should I receive a psychic reading?
Opinions vary as to how often you should receive a psychic reading

Each psychic counselor has their own agenda/protocol on how often they recommend you reconnect. Some say once per month while others suggest twice annually. There are a few that are willing to attempt speaking with their clients weekly.

After your initial psychic reading, it is wise to allow your circumstances to change prior to making an additional appointment.  If there hasn’t been any major change and you attempt another psychic reading, the psychic will basically pick up on the same information you have previously received. You will not obtain the results you are looking for. On the other hand, if major changes occur, further insight might be received.

Calling psychics to retrieve information can be a wonderful tool. However, the importance of you making your own decisions in your life cannot be stressed enough. It is easy to become dependant on a psychic to give you answers to your problems through repeated psychic reading appointments.

You may find yourself wanting to call a few times a week, just to check in. It is not recommended that you fall into this trap. Not only does this become quite expensive, but you then will find yourself not learning the lessons you are here to attain. If you don’t, then you possibly will have to repeat a similar situation and this may not be desirable.

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