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Florida Psychic Christine Lynn

Greetings. My name is Christine Lynn.
I have chosen a life journey that entails helping others during their times of need. I offer my clients

psychic readings

while utilizing the intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. I am a natural born empathetic medium, living in Florida.
During a session, these intuitive gifts are applied while bringing clarity to your most difficult situations. I have experience in working with law enforcement organizations on high profile missing person cases. After much consideration, I decided to leave the intense environment of law enforcement and specialize in honest, caring counsel for my private clientele.

Florida Psychic: Psychic Readings / Christine Lynn

Psychic Readings
Christine Lynn's reading sessions are available via telephone or email. In house personal readings are not currently available. Please see details on the "Get A Reading" page.

If you're interested in a reading please follow the guidelines for contacting me. I am unable to return personal telephone calls. The best way to reach me is via email – I check emails daily and will respond as soon as possible.

(Occasionally It can take up to 48 hours to receive a response)

Christine Lynn Specializes in Intuitive & Psychic Counsel Concerning Relationships, Business & Finance, Career Concerns, Lost Articles, Healing, Family and More.

Florida Psychic - Christine Lynn  I give my word to maintain an amicable, open minded and straightforward communication during our time together. Even though you may be experiencing a trying and burdensome event in your own life, there are always obtainable answers through spiritual insight. By truly loving this life journey and those that I share it with, I encompass an honest desire to help others while remaining open and ethical. I hold a deep compassion and love and would be honored to assist you with whatever questions you have.

Florida Psychic - Christine Lynn Whether or not you have a problem or just want some basic insight, give me a call. We can not only connect and get some help for you, but sometimes talking about your situation may be just what you need to move past the road blocks that stand in your way. After all, you truly deserve to live a life of happiness and joy!

Psychic issues explained
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What is a Psychic?
The term “Psychic” originates from the Greek word, psychikos, which translates to “of the mind“. Psychics are individuals that are super sensitive to non physical forces. They have the ability to pick up and receive information outside of the ordinary sensory perceptions. Another term for having psychic ability is the term most frequently referred to as ESP ( Extra Sensory Perception).

Skeptics believe psychic ability is simply fine tuned perception which results in an ability to “read“ others, or obtain information about that particular person, place or thing. Parapsychologists conclude that psychics actually manifest their abilities. Some argue they utilize an area of the brain that others do not. All people are born with natural abilities. Psychics are born as super sensitive receivers of information.
What is psychic energy?
When the concept of psychic energy is understood, the stereotypical “spookiness” of the psychic experience is usually dissolved.

Everything that exists contains energy. The fundamentals of physics teach us that through the vibration of energy solid objects are created. The human mind is no different. It’s continuously transmitting and receiving energies on different levels.

When an individual with psychic ability focuses towards the energies of another or a particular situation, they are able to connect, derive, and then transmit the information.

This makes for an extremely interesting combination in the human experience.

Most psychics have an immense desire to help others through compassion, love, and understanding. By shifting consciousness, clairvoyants can tap into psychic energy and “see“ an incredible array events and experiences. With their own free will and desire, they are able to take their gifts of whatever psychic energies they naturally encompass or have chosen to study and develop, then apply this to the counseling of others in their personal lives.

Many believe we are able to create our own reality. How many times have you heard the phrase, “Be careful of what you ask for?” Some individuals can literally manifest their desires in their lives. This is basically another sort of psychic energy. By recognizing and utilizing your own psychic energy, you can improve your life experience.
How is it possible for a psychic to perform a psychic reading over the telephone?
It is possible for a psychic to perform an accurate psychic reading over the telephone.

Many believe that an “in person“ psychic reading will provide more accuracy and detail than a telephone psychic reading. This is a myth.

It is essential for the client to be relaxed and the intuitive to be focused in order to “tune in“ to the client, regardless of the distance between the two. Therefore, it makes no difference whether or not the client and psychic are in the same room or 2,000 miles away from each other. The spiritual connection is easily generated over the telephone during the psychic reading.

There are many reasons why it is more advantageous to receive a psychic reading over the telephone as opposed to an in person psychic reading. The psychic reading is based solely on the energy/spirit connection as opposed to appearance, age or body language. If you are seated across from the reader, there is an automatic physical connection. Facial expressions become available to the reader.

This gives the psychic an opportunity to utilize the body language of the client for feedback. Over the telephone this is impossible. Even for a reputable psychic, visual information becomes available during an in person meeting and clues may be unconsciously generated. The privacy factor for the client is another plus in receiving a psychic reading via the telephone. The caller may relax in their own comfortable environment while receiving their psychic reading.

A psychic reading performed over the telephone is actually a much better way to connect with your psychic reader.
What can I do to help the psychic perform an accurate psychic reading?
The most important role you have during your psychic reading is to relax and trust the reader. The less information you share the better. Psychic readers are attempting to connect with your soul/energy without utilizing their own thought process.

It is a good idea to have your questions prepared prior to your session. Whatever comes through during your psychic reading should not include the opinion of the psychic unless you requestthis later in the session. It is a good idea to express to the psychic when there is an accuracy of information pertaining to you and your life situation. This allows the reader to have validation that the proper connection has been made during the psychic reading.

Remember that psychics are people too, and will not always be able to provide you with all the answers you are looking for. If certain information does not make sense to you, try to remain open anyway. Usually the puzzle pieces will eventually fit to your situation. I highly recommend to my clients that they take notes during their sessions for future reference. Remember that the psychic will not retain information that comes through after your psychic reading.

This is because it does not come through as a thought. The psychic reader is simply relaying information that passes by and is acting as the “straw“ or deliverer/ medium of the reading.
What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
Psychics tune into the energy surrounding an individual. They have the capability and skill to relay personal details intuitively pertaining to the client’s emotions, thoughts, personal details of their life situation and those surrounding them. A psychic can assist with details concerning relationships, job issues, financial questions, etc., during a psychic reading.

Mediums use similar techniques but they communicate directly with spirit energies,AKA: crossed over loved ones, etc. One might contact a medium to assist in the healing of a personal loss of a loved one. Mediums are also able to generate information by making contact with spirit guides.
What is a Clairvoyant?
The term clairvoyant stems from the French word, “Clair,“ which means “clear“ and “voyant” , which means “seeing”. Clairvoyants have the extraordinary ability to “see” pictures or visions without using their eyes. The vision is received by the utilization of the “third eye” or extrasensory perception. They encompass the ability to receive information through sources other than the five human senses by feeling energies beyond the average person’s ability.

They extend their own souls/energies beyond their physical bodies which allows them to receive information about another person and their situation, usually with ease. Clairvoyants are highly intuitive. They can “see“ a wide array of circumstances that may relate to the past, present or the future.
What is a Clairaudient?
The term Clairaudient refers to another “extra sensory perception“ pertaining to the ability to hear sounds that the average physical ears cannot receive. Perhaps a particular song can be heard during a reading, a song that is later discovered to hold a special meaning to the client.

There also can be sounds that describe a particular area, AKA: the hustling and busy sounds of a metropolis or a gentle breeze by the ocean. Rustling trees can come through relating to another area that is important to the caller.

The sound of ocean waves along the beach shore might signify a location of residence. When sounds come through during a psychic reading, the caller usually makes an instant connection and receives validation of what the reference is.
What is a Clairsentient?
A Clairsentient is a psychic that utilizes super sensitivity to tune in to a caller’s feelings and thoughts. This gift is also known as psychic empathy. The clairsentient has the ability to pick up on different energies by “feeling“ them. If the clairsentient places a hand close to another person, the energies of the person’s body/soul can be easily felt. This spiritual gift is very useful during a psychic reading that involves physical and emotional healing.

curiosity and wonderment It is our curiosity and wonderment with the natural world that is the better part of our humanity. When the mind closes, knowledge ceases and the world becomes mundane and uninteresting.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.".....Albert Einstein

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