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 Are Animals Psychic? I have been asked that many times and I believe the answer is an unequivical yes!

Are Animals Psychic?Nature fills in the gaps for survival mechanisms.This is in part why animals can connect with us on a higher level. Many believe animals have psychic abilities. Because they can pick up on subtle energies, animals are fully capable of using their senses to “know” their owners on a deep level, ie: when they are coming home, when they’re not feeling well, when the owner is ready to go out without physical hints, etc.

Perhaps your pet shows signs of not liking a particular person. Maybe he/she is sensing danger that you are unaware of. You might be wise to take heed of your furry friend’s psychic sense. Otherwise, you may be riding out the consequences!

Are Animals Psychic? The simple fact is animals don’t have a rational thought process or ego to block their “other senses” as humans do. Their awareness is the key for survival. It’s simply in their nature. Unlike most people, they aren’t limited to five senses due to social or religious conditioning. This alone is fuel for the fire. They’re highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields ( most humans aren’t ) which explains the stories related to “hauntings,” aka: the cat staring at the blank wall, or the dog greeting what appears to be a visitor and no one seems to be there, etc.

Author Rupert Sheldrake, author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, mentions the possibility of animals showing psychic abilities. In the section of Sheldrake's book focusing on telepathy, he asserts that this ability arises from the strong bond that develops between human and family pet.

I know first hand about the psychic abilities of my own feathered friend, an African Grey Parrot, “Redford.” His uncanny perception of my prior actions throughout every day is an example of his psychic abilities. Prior to my actions (while they are daily events but not continuous at a particular time), he will mimic the sounds, ie: I head towards the kitchen but have different routes to get there…he mimics the sound of the kitchen cabinets being opened or the running water in the sink.

Sometimes I’m considering leaving the house without his being able to see me along with no apparent sounds to trigger a thought process that I’m going to be heading out. Seconds before, he mimics the sound of the door opening and closing. Granted, there is a repeated series of daily events that occur. The difference is he seems to KNOW where I’m going in the house and when I’m going to do whatever it is I’m about to do. He’s my own personal psychic detective!
If you have concerns pertaining to your pet, it's possible to discover the root of the issue during your reading.

Florida’s warm climate is the perfect setting for becoming a genuine “Parrot Head!” 

Are Animals Psychic? Redford, a Timney African Grey parrot, is a part of our Florida family. Raising him from a nine week old wobbly baby to the family clown he is today has been a dream come true. The friendship shared with this feathered companion shows how valuable caring for each other is, even between species. The sensitivity and intelligence he displays through daily interaction is amazing and hilariously entertaining. We share a strong bond of unconditional love and friendship that’s simply priceless.

Being psychic and sensing Redford’s energies is a great way to practice intuitive skills. While quietly showing attention to him when he’s perched on my finger and looking into each other’s eyes, I can feel the loving flow of calm, peaceful energies he exudes. He opens up like a good book! Gently talking to him intensifies the flow. The colors of his aura are filled with the same colors surrounding a person in a similarly peaceful state.
Even being in the same room with him, while not holding him or focusing attention in his direction, he sends out a “vibe” of “ HEY, YOU! I’m over here! Check THIS out!” If the attention is turned to him at that moment, his immediate acrobatic show validates his satisfaction in “drawing me in” to his gaming antics. When he’s REALLY in a playful mood, the entire room fills up with a bouncing joyous vibration of WOO HOO!!! ( One of his favorite lines that he says, followed in perfect timing with a deep laughter… )

On the other hand, if he’s not having a good day, he completely introverts himself. Quietly ignoring anyone that might be around at the time, his energies are completely pulled in. He simply needs his space and communicates this perfectly.
Simply paying attention and reading his body language and feeling the divergent energies he sends out with his moods is all part of the wonder of interspecies communication.

Interspecies Communication

Interspecies communication is an important part of life. Humans can’t interact through verbal dialogue with fellow creatures but being proactive in communicating with other living beings, a friendship can be shared through interspecies communication (animal to human communication)

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