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 The term “holistic“ stems from the word “whole”.

Holistic Healing - What is it? The general belief behind holistic healing and practice is that the entire person should be treated and not just the illness or symptom. This type of healing can obviously be combined with other more more recognized treatments when applying to the health of an individual.

There is a wide array of techniques that are related to holistic healing. The list below will help to familiarize you with what is available.

Intuitive Healing:
Psychic healers utilize this form of healing to assist their clients. They believe all things are connected. By tapping into the energy of the body through thoughts and feelings they can generally assist with the mind, body and spirit connection for release and healing. This can be performed during a psychic reading as well.
Energy Healing:
Energy healing is another form of healing that involves the balancing of the energy field around the body. This form of holistic healing works with all forms: mental, physical and emotional.
Body/Mind/ Spirit:
Practicing various forms of the body, mind, and spirittechniques: yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, etc.
Alternative Medicine:
Alternative medicine refers to a wide array of techniques not recognized in the medical field as being proven effective. Techniques include Chiropractic, Herbalism, Acupuncture, and a variety of Eastern cultural techniques.
Holistic healing has become vastly popular in the Western Hemisphere over the course of the past decade. While there are health circumstances that require a full on medical treatment plan, combining holistic healing practice into the agenda can be extremely helpful.

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