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 An aura is the energy field that emanates from an object. Auras surround everything. People as well as non living, fixed objects illuminate an aura.

The aura around a person is comprised of electromagnetic radiation that spans from a light source. Our auras are affected by our emotions, creativity, thinking, DNA structure, etc. The colors of an aura change when a person’s mood or health changes. Because inanimate objects have no feeling, the aura color around them remains the same.

A variety of information can be obtained by observing and studying the aura of an individual. Physical ailments can be determined through aura reading. Some believe by learning how to consciously control your own aura, you can actually heal yourself.

The Color of Individual Auras Have Different Meanings

Indigo/ Purple
Psychic/ gifted people carry these colors. Historically associated with royalty - the color of kings and emperors.
Happiness / naivety Positive caring individual
Determination, stubborn, strong personality
Focused, business oriented
Transitional color - changes occurring
Negative / concerning life and / or health
Purity/Spirituality, sensitive/ loving
A strong sense of luck
Deeply emotional and influential
Empathy/Understanding of others
With practice, the aura can be seen with the naked eye. This simple exercise can assist you when developing your own ability.

Have another person sit in a well lit room behind a white background. You sit 10- 15 feet away, relax and look indirectly at your subject. As you relax, allow your peripheral vision to expand.

Breathe slowly and relax while you allow yourself to develop this skill. Some can see the aura immediately while others will have to work at it. Eventually, you will see a haze around your subject. In time, you can learn to distinguish the color.

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